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How to Tighten Flabby Upper Arms

When focusing on toning your body, there is one area that you should definitely not neglect: your upper arms. Flabby upper arms are difficult to tone, but with the right tools and resources, your upper arms can be toned, firm, and attractive. The following tips can help you tone your upper arms so that you can wear any type of clothing and be confident about your appearance.

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Muscle-Toning Exercises

Muscle-toning exercises are a great way to get rid of upper arm flab. Increasing the muscle mass in your upper arms will make them firmer and tighter. The best approach is to do multiple different muscle-toning exercises each time you work out, with each exercise focusing on a different muscle group. For example, you should always include exercises that focus on your deltoids, biceps, and triceps in turn so that you work on all the major muscles in your upper arms. Push-ups, curls, dips, and tricep kickbacks are great exercises that can build strength and tone in the upper arms. With each exercise, increase the number of reps little by little to see improved results.

Aerobic Exercises

In addition to muscle-toning exercises, aerobic exercises are important for toning every area of the body. Running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and other aerobic exercises help burn fat throughout the body. As you do regular aerobic exercises several times a week combined with arm muscle-toning exercises, you should see your upper arms becoming tighter and firmer over time.


For individuals who are overweight, dieting can be a great way to lose weight and get rid of unwanted fat in places such as the upper arms. Following a healthy diet plan can help you shed excess pounds and see improvements all over your body.

Arm Lift Surgery

If the above steps have not given you the results you desire or if you have flabby upper arms due to aging or weight-loss surgery, you may want to consider arm lift surgery. Dr. Jazayeri performs arm lift surgery to eliminate sagging skin and fat from the upper arms and to tighten the remaining tissues so that they look firm and toned. Arm lift surgery is most often performed on individuals who have undergone major weight loss and are left with sagging skin that cannot be corrected through any other means. This option is also an excellent solution for individuals who have struggled to achieve their desired results through other methods. Arm lift surgery can fix upper arm flab and restore more attractive, toned, and natural-looking upper arms.

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