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Tummy Tuck Cost in Orange County


tummy tuck cost

Tummy tuck is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed, and the results, given the right patient, can be dramatic. The cost of abdominoplasty surgery can vary greatly, especially in competitive markets such as Southern California.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, the price variation is due to a combination of factors. A board certified plastic surgeon generally will charge more than a non-board certified plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon.  Please note some plastic surgeons call themselves cosmetic surgeons in order to emphasize their interest in cosmetic surgery.  However, a cosmetic surgeon’s training is not as controlled or regulated as a plastic surgeon. In other words, the quality of plastic surgery training, overall, is better than a cosmetic surgeon.

Geography counts! A plastic surgeon practicing in Orange County HAS to charge more, since the cost of doing business is higher. This has NO reflection on quality. On the other hand, if the price is significantly lower than usual, this may be a red flag. One can check a surgeon’s record by visiting the medical board web-site for the state. Does the surgeon have admitting privileges at a hospital? Hospitals typically have stricter guidelines than outpatient surgery centers. Are the on-line reviews mainly favorable or negative?

Experience is also important.  An average plastic surgeon having several years of experience is always going to have more consistent result than the best resident ever from the best training program ever who has just entered practice. I know of one patient who was given an extremely low quote for a surgical procedure.  Our search showed the surgeon had just graduated from his training program.  Most likely the low quote was to attract more surgeries in order to fulfill the board exam requirements for certification. Nothing wrong with that! The patient eventually had her surgery with us, choosing experience and before and after results over lower cost.

As a patient, are you happy with the surgeon’s results? It is critical to look at before and after photos to determine if you like the “style” of the surgeon.

Is the surgeon you are consulting with” famous”? Is he/she on television and “all over the place” when it comes to media and internet? If yes, the cost of the procedure will be higher due to higher business overhead. Again, this has NO reflection on quality. I will not name any names, but most of you have seen recent face-lifts of famous actors and actresses. I always ask prospective patients what they think about the results. No one has liked the results!  I am sure these actors and actresses have gone to famous plastic surgeons, but fame does not necessarily correlate with results.

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In terms of cost, please note for abdominoplasty there will be a surgeon fee, and a facility fee (which typically includes the anesthesiologist fee as well).  Some surgeons choose to charge the surgeon fee, and the patient will pay the facility fee separately.  Most surgeons, however, will charge a “global” fee which includes all the cost mentioned. Lab work, post-operative medication, and medical clearance are also the patient’s responsibility.

Putting all of this information together, in my opinion, a reasonable price range for abdominoplasty in Southern California is $5000-8000, depending on the patient’s size and the type of abdominoplasty performed (standard versus extended with or without liposuction).

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