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VALENTINE’S DAY- A special time to love


On the 14th of every February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day…the day of love and loving.

valentines day

I thought it fitting to post “Serenade “by Philip Rosheger on such a day.  Philip Rosheger is an American classical guitarist and composer.  In my opinion, he is not as well-known as he deserves to be, especially considering some of his compositions have been played by the great David Russell.

It is unfortunate the same billions of neurons composing such beautiful music are also capable of lying, cheating, stealing, raping and killing.

I, however, choose to seek beauty in man kind.  Let us be honest, humans are the ultimate virus infecting this planet, and if we are not careful, we will choke this planet to death.  On the other hand, we are also capable of amazing acts of kindness, courage, and intellect.  This gives me hope.

So on this day, I would like you to:

Love yourself (not selfishly, but respectfully)

Love this planet (it is the only one we have)…at the least, recycle!

Love and show love to people who are important to you…they will not be here forever

While you are at it…why not do the above every day?  Seriously, can you come up with a good reason not to????

I have posted “Serenade” by Philip Rosheger below.  It is ironic, since Philips’ most famous piece of composition is a mutation of some sort.  The original “Serenade” is simpler in its arrangement.  Guitarist James Kline added several variations to the original piece, creating a hauntingly beautiful composition.  In my opinion, his version on You tube is still the gold standard.  Unfortunately, his version cannot be played by most guitarists, since it is arranged for the 11 string “arch” guitar (how many of those do you see lying around??)  We are fortunate, as Philips’ friend, Tim Hall, re-arranged James Kline’s version for the six string guitar, thus adding to its popularity.

On this day, Valentine’s Day, I like to dedicate this piece to my wife and best friend, who has stood besides me through thick and thin (mostly thin!), but most importantly, for making me a better person.

I apologize for a few mistakes here and there.  Believe me, it is not easy playing in front of someone or something (in this case a pocket video camera!)

The link below is a love story about a poor boy and a rich girl…Afro-American style.  This is one of my all-time favorites and a good example of the human race at its finest.  Why can’t we act this way every day?


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