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How is Vaser Lipo different than traditional liposuction?

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Vaser Lipo, also known as Vaser liposuction, is another liposuction method which has become popular in recent years.

For clarification, different companies can make the machine used for this procedure.  However, since Sound Surgical Technologies (trademarked under the name Vaser Lipo) has become the first company to gain most of the market share, the name has stuck with this procedure. Ultrasound guided liposuction is NOT a new technology, and has been around (at least in practice) for the past 12 years.

How is Vaser Lipo different than traditional liposuction? Well, both procedures can be done under local or general anesthesia.  Both procedures require small stab incisions close to the area to be liposuctioned for access.  Both procedures use tumescent solution (a solution containing a numbing medication and epinephrine, for minimizing bleeding) to “blow up” the area prior to liposuction.  The difference is the next step.  In Vaser Lipo, a specialized blunt cannula is inserted under the skin and ultrasonic energy is delivered through the tip to the area.  The ultrasound energy disrupts and loosens the fat cells.  The theory is the way the fat cells are disrupted may result in better skin retraction and faster recovery.  However, there have been no prospective, randomized, blind studies showing the final result is better than traditional liposuction.

At the end, however, the fat needs to be suctioned out by the surgeon.  Therefore, with ALL liposuction techniques available today, and in the future, the limiting factor is the quality of the surgeon performing the procedure.  An example I frequently use is if I give any one a $7000 top of the line digital camera and a $2000 professional lens, would giving this equipment to someone suddenly make them a photographer? I think you know the answer!

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