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What to Expect During Liposuction Recovery

Liposuction surgery with Dr. Michael Jazayeri is performed in as minimally invasive a manner as possible, but patients should still expect some degree of downtime following their procedure. Here are a few things to know before undergoing liposuction.

Recovery Depends on the Extent of the Procedure

For small-scale procedures, patients can return to work almost immediately, though strenuous physical activity should be avoided until cleared by a doctor.

However, most patients can expect to miss five to seven days of work and as many as four to six weeks before strenuous physical activity can resume. Heavy bruising and swelling typically last about two weeks depending on the scale of the procedure. Keep in mind, though, that it can take up to three months before all swelling completely subsides.

Compression Garments Are Usually Worn for the First Few Days

Patients will need to wear compression garments at all times for at least the first three to five days following liposuction. These garments help drain excess fluid (which may reduce pain, swelling, and bruising) and help to ensure results.

After the first few days are over, your doctor may recommend wearing compression garments for another four to six weeks.

What about Discomfort?

It is normal to feel sore and/or uncomfortable after liposuction. Any pain can usually be managed through medications.

Lymphatic massages may be recommended (after the first week) to ease any remaining swelling.

Light Exercise Is Recommended After the First Day

Once a full 24 hours has passed since your procedure and if you’ve been cleared by the doctor, it is recommended that you partake in light exercise, such as walking. to encourage the healing process.

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