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What You Need to Know About Capsular Contracture

If you have breast implants and are experiencing tightness around your breasts, you may have developed capsular contracture. This condition can appear when the natural breast tissue that forms around the implant becomes unusually hard and tightens.

Capsular contracture can squeeze the implant, distorting the shape and location of the breast, often making it appear higher on the chest. The condition can also cause chronic pain as well as restrict the patient’s range of motion.

Regardless of how skilled or experienced a plastic surgeon is, capsular contracture can occur at any point during the recovery process of any patient. Every patient is different, and not every patient’s immune system will react well to foreign objects such as implants.

What Can Be Done?

Corrective surgery is required to fix capsular contracture. During this procedure, both the capsule and implant are changed.

While there is still a 25% chance of reoccurrence, the use of a biological barrier (dermis) between the implant and skin reduces the risk of capsular contracture to 10% or less. The dermis also provides additional stability, structure, and support.

See the following video for more about the procedure.

Video Disclaimer: Some surgical activity is shown in the video, including footage before and after a procedure. Due to the sensitive nature of the video, it may not be suitable for all viewers.

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