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Why Are My Breasts Uneven?

Breast asymmetry is a condition that affects a significant number of women. This common condition may cause women to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Regardless of the cause of your breast asymmetry, various breast surgeries can treat breast asymmetry and restore a balanced, symmetrical bust line.

Breast Asymmetry Before and After Photos

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry is identified when one breast is larger than the other, when the breasts are positioned differently on the chest wall, or when there are other distinguishable physical differences in breast shape, nipple size, nipple placement, etc. For some women, breast asymmetry is a congenital deformity. For example, Poland syndrome is a condition in which the breasts develop abnormally and asymmetrically. Tuberous breasts don’t form correctly from birth and are constricted, lack proper volume, and have bulging areolas. Other medical conditions or chest injuries before or during puberty can also cause breast asymmetry. Hormones, pregnancy, and nursing are still other causes, with hormones being a particularly common cause of breast asymmetry during puberty. Finally, a poorly performed breast surgery can also be a cause of uneven breasts or may exaggerate natural breast asymmetries. Unexpected surgical complications like capsular contracture may cause breast asymmetry after breast augmentation.

How to Treat Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can be treated with breast surgery. Surgery can reshape the breasts, resize the breasts, reduce the size of the areolas, or reposition the nipples to restore balance. Most often, both breasts will need surgery to restore symmetry. For some women, one breast may need breast reduction while the other needs breast augmentation. If the asymmetry is characterized by only a slight difference in breast volume, fat grafting can be performed to augment the smaller breast. Dr. Jazayeri can also insert differently sized implants to augment both breasts to make them the same size. Where breast sagging is the cause of uneven breasts, a breast lift can improve the position of both breasts. Likewise, breast revision surgery can correct surgical complications and restore natural-looking results with breast implants.

Dr. Jazayeri will discuss all the options with you and determine which technique is most appropriate for your needs. After your surgery, you can look forward to having symmetrical breasts and feeling confident about your figure.

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