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What will be my final cup size after breast augmentation?

The Mystery of The Cup Size After Breast Augmentation

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Cup Size” is always a question which comes up during consultation with most of my breast augmentation patients. Most patients tell me they want to be a “full C cup”. However, in reality, most of the time, this is not what is desired as a final outcome.

There is enough data now to show that an increase of 120cc to 150cc (4 to 5 ounces) equates to ONE CUP SIZE INCREASE. In other words, if a patient is a B cup, an implant volume of 300cc should give that patient a D cup. However, at least in Southern California, the most common range chosen is 400cc-500cc range. This means for a patient starting with a B cup, the final cup size is in the DD cup range or even larger.

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This is why I have the patient try the implants with a bra in front of the mirror. Whatever size is chosen, I add an additional 50cc, to compensate for the increased projection (the implant placed under the muscle will become flatter than when placed on top of the breast for sizing purposes). This method has greatly decreased the likelihood of patient dissatisfaction with their implant size.

We recommend implants based on the patient’s chest diameter, breast height and overall body shape and size. A larger than recommended implant will increase the chance of skin stretching, ptosis of the breast, stretching of the areola, and decrease in the nipple sensation. This will eventually require switching to a smaller implant and a breast lift for removal of the loose skin and repositioning the areola.

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