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With BBL’s, Bigger May Not Be Better!

Brazilian Butt Lifts, more often referred to as BBLs, have become wildly popular in the 21st century. It’s not hard to see why. Body fashions have evolved from the “you can’t be too rich or too thin” mindset of the late 20th century to the more recent refrain of “real women have curves.”

As Dr. Michael Jazayeri explains in a recent video, however, women in search of a curvaceous physique need to be careful to avoid going excessively big. When it comes to BBLs, bigger is not necessarily better, and sometimes may be a lot worse. While real women do have curves, it’s important to make sure new curves are realistic.

What Makes Butt Lifts Brazilian, Anyway?

It’s hard to say. Dr. Jazayeri notes that they may be named for the nationality of one of the earliest patients to get the procedure, while the doctor who performed it was actually from the United States. More importantly, BBLs are not even actually lifts. No skin is removed or lifted as in a facelift or a breast lift. Instead, bulk is added in the form of transferred body fat taken from elsewhere in the patient.

Before the popularity of the BBL, implants similar to those used in breast augmentation were the standard. The primary innovation of the BBL was using unwanted fat taken from the patient/s own body to sculpt a more voluptuous and attractive rear end. Patients and their plastic surgeons agreed that the results looked and felt more attractive and, very importantly, more natural.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Problems may begin when BBL patients request very large amounts of added volume. It’s just a fact of life that very few of us can rock the overstuffed look of a Nicky Minaj without suffering in the long run.

Specifically, Dr. Jazayeri notes that gravity and time will always take their toll on procedures but that buttock augmentation surgeries that drop are especially difficult. The Orange County, California board certified plastic surgeon says that, while many women have gotten extremely large breast implants that he feels are ill-advised, when overly large implants start to sag and become uncomfortable, there are remedies available. Most often, that means moving to a smaller implant and performing a breast lift.

The only way to deal with sagging buttocks related to an exaggerated BBL, however, is to do a rare literal buttock lift. The problem is that there is a reason these procedures have never been popular. Dr. Jazayeri says they inevitably result in a great deal of visible scarring across the lower back and the upper portion of the buttocks.

Keep it Natural

As a medical doctor, Dr. Jazayeri says that his first duty is to the long-term well-being of patients, and extreme procedures have too many drawbacks. Instead, he suggests that patients look at his past more moderate BBL procedures. The results show that outcomes are better when proportions are realistic. Extreme plastic surgery is – like most extreme things – nearly always a poor decision.

Get a BBL the Real and Right Way with Dr. Jazayeri

BBL procedures from Dr. Jazayeri, plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, aim for a natural look that avoids the problems caused by going to extremes. They provide just the right level of added shape and volume to flatter the patient and her overall physique. For more details on a BBL or any other procedure call (714) 834-0101 or contact him via email at [email protected].

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