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Comprehensive Options

Ideal Implant

Trying to choose between the types of implants currently available can befuddle even the most decisive breast augmentation patient. Dr. Jazayeri believes in providing as many outstanding choices as possible to his patients when it comes to breast implants in Orange County, and he is proud to offer the Ideal Implant, an outstanding solution for an often difficult decision.

Ideal Implant

Silicone vs. Saline

The Breast Augmentation Patient’s Dilemma

The choice between silicone and saline breast implants has left many women feeling more than a little conflicted. On the one hand, most doctors and patients agree that silicone implants offer a more natural look and feel than ordinary saline implants. Moreover, standard saline implants don’t hold their shape as well those filled with silicone, and visible wrinkling can be an issue. On the other hand, many patients worry about the possibility of a rupture of a silicone implant, when the outer covering of the implant breaks to some extent, and the silicone starts to escape.

Ruptures happen slowly and may not be noticeable at first — they are often called “silent ruptures” – but in time they can result in painful symptoms along with changes in the size and shape of the breasts. Because they are hard to identify, confirming ruptures typically requires an MRI scan. When testing finally does indicate a rupture, the silicone will have to be removed surgically. By contrast, saline breast implants are filled only with a saline solution, i.e., salt water, so a rupture will be quick and obvious. Moreover, it will be mainly a cosmetic issue as the fluid will be absorbed by the body with no additional impact.

An Innovative Solution

Why an Ideal Breast Implant Can be the Ideal Solution

At our practice in Orange County Breast Implants, including the new FDA-approved Ideal Implants, are offered as an innovative alternative, providing another option alongside traditional silicone and saline breast implants. They are filled with a salt water solution, but the similarity with ordinary saline implants ends there. They are structured implants in which a complex series of shells and chambers makes them more stable while also increasing their softness. It gets better because, even as a rupture becomes much easier to deal with, the chances of one actually happening are reduced significantly. According to FDA trials, some brands of silicone implants have a rupture or deflation rate as high as 7.4% within seven years. An Ideal Implant, on the other hand, has only a 1.8% chance of a failure in that time. Finally, the risk of capsular contracture, a well-known complication which hardens the breasts and alters their shape, is reduced by several percentage points with Ideal Implants.

Breast Implants in Orange County  Santa Ana

Leading Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Jazayeri and Ideal Breast Implants

A leading board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jazayeri has provided breast augmentation to countless women from throughout Orange County and Southern California with consistent success. He is proud to offer Ideal Implants as an option for patients who want to benefit from the advantages of both saline and silicone implants. Of course, all patients are different and there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to breast augmentation. To find out about all your plastic surgery options, please call us at the phone number above or reach out to us through our contact page.

Embrace Comfort & Convenience

Procedures Under Local Anesthesia
with Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri

Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri, a distinguished plastic surgeon in Santa Ana, California, strongly advocates for patient comfort and safety during all procedures. His comprehensive approach to patient care includes using local anesthesia for various surgical procedures.

Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to numb a specific area of the body where a surgical procedure will be performed. It allows the patient to remain awake and comfortable while avoiding the potential risks and side effects associated with general anesthesia. In Dr. Jazayeri's hands, an array of procedures can be carried out under local anesthesia, often leading to quicker recovery times and lower complication rates. These procedures include many facelifts, liposuctions, neck lifts, Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs), mini tummy tuck and, in certain cases, even breast and arm lift.

By taking advantage of local anesthesia's potential, Dr. Michael A. Jazayeri strives to make cosmetic and reconstructive surgery more accessible, comfortable, and patient-centered. His commitment to this safe anesthesia approach in Santa Ana, California, signals a new era in plastic surgery where patient comfort and safety are at the forefront.

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